Operations On Demand - AMS Accelerate User Guide

Operations On Demand

Operations on Demand (OOD) is an AWS Managed Services (AMS) feature that extends the standard scope of your AMS operations plan by providing operational services that are not currently offered natively by the AMS operations plans or AWS.  Once selected, the catalog offering is delivered by a combination of automation and highly skilled AMS resources. There are no long term commitments or additional contracts, allowing you to extend your existing AMS and AWS operations and capabilities as needed. You agree to purchase blocks of hours (OOD blocks), 20 hours per block, on a monthly basis.

You can select from the catalog of standardized offerings and initiate a new OOD engagement through a service request. Examples of OOD offerings include assisting with the maintenance of Amazon EKS, operations of AWS Control Tower, and management of SAP clusters. New catalog offerings are added regularly based on demand and the operational use cases we see most often.

OOD is available for both AMS Advanced and AMS Accelerate operations plans and is available in all AWS Regions where AMS is available.

Requesting AMS Operations On Demand

AWS Managed Services (AMS) Operations on Demand (OOD) is available for all AWS accounts that have been onboarded to AMS. To take advantage of Operations on Demand, request additional information from your cloud service delivery manager (CSDM), Solutions Architect (SA), account manager, or Cloud Architect (CA). Available OOD offerings are listed in the Operations on Demand catalog of offerings. Once the engagement scoping is completed, submit a service request to AMS Operations to initiate an engagement for OOD.

Each OOD service request must contain the following detailed information pertaining to the engagement:

  • The specific OOD offerings requested, and for each specific OOD offering:

    • The number of blocks (one block is equal to 20 hours of operational resource time in a given calendar month, to be charged at AWS’s then-current standard rate for the applicable Operations on Demand offering) to allocate to the specific OOD offering.

    • The account ID for each AWS Managed Services account for which the specific OOD offering is being requested.

OOD service requests must be submitted by you through either:

  • The AWS Managed Services account that receives the applicable Operations on Demand offerings, or

  • An AWS Managed Services account that is an AWS Organizations Management account in all features mode, on behalf of any of its member accounts that are AWS Managed Services accounts.

After the OOD service request is received, AMS Operations reviews and updates the accounts with their approval, partial approval, or denial.

Once the OOD offerings service request is approved, AMS and you coordinate to begin the engagement. No OOD offerings are initiated until the service request is approved and an engagement start date is agreed on.

AMS uses a monthly subscription allocation of OOD blocks. We allocate the approved number of blocks monthly, starting from the engagement start date, until you request to opt out through a new service request. OOD blocks are valid for a calendar month. Unused blocks, or block portions, are not rolled over or carried forward to future months.

You are billed a minimum of one OOD block each month, regardless of the number of hours actually used. Any additional, allocated, OOD block in which no hours were used, is not billed.

Making changes to Operations on Demand offerings

To request changes to ongoing engagements for Operations on Demand (OOD) offerings, submit a service request containing the following information:

  • The modification(s) being requested, and

  • The requested date for the modifications to become effective.

After receiving the OOD service request, AMS Operations reviews the request and either updates with their approval or requests that the assigned CSDM work with you to determine the scope and implications of the modification. If the modification is determined to require a scoping effort with the CSDM, you are required to submit a second OOD service request to initiate the modified engagement following the completion of the scoping exercise.

Once approved, the most recently modified block allocation becomes and continues to stay active, superseding any prior block allocations, unless agreed otherwise by AWS and you.