Responding to an AMS Accelerate-generated service request - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Responding to an AMS Accelerate-generated service request

AMS Accelerate proactively monitors your resources; for more information, see  Monitoring and event management in AMS Accelerate. Sometimes AMS Accelerate creates a service request, or service notification for you, typically if action on your part is required to resolve a service request. In that case, the AMS Accelerate team sends a notification to the contact you have provided for the account. You respond to this service request in the same way as any other case—usually through the Support Center, though in some cases, email or phone correspondence is required.


To receive state change notifications for a service request or incident case, you must have entered an email address in the addresses field. Notifications go only to the email address added to the case when it's created.

The link in the notification email works only if you're using an email server on your AMS Accelerate federated network. Otherwise, you can respond to the correspondence by going to your AMS Accelerate console and using the case details page.


AMS Accelerate sends communications to your primary email address on your AWS account; we recommend adding an alternate operations contact email alias to facilitate the service request/notification management process. This is covered during the AMS Accelerate onboarding process and within the related onboarding documentation.