Submitting an incident - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Submitting an incident

To report an incident using Support Center, refer to the support documentation: Creating a support case

To report an incident using AWS Support center:

  1. Click Create case. The create incident case page opens.

  2. Open the Technical support issue type menu and choose AMS Operations -- Report Incident. Supply information about your incident and choose Create.

  3. To be kept informed by email at each step of the incident resolution process, be sure to fill in the CC Emails option; if you connect by federation, log in before following the link in the email that AMS Accelerate sends you about the incident.


Make your description as detailed as possible. Include relevant resource information, along with anything else that might help us understand your issue. For example, to troubleshoot performance, include timestamps and logs. For feature requests or general guidance questions, include a description of your environment and purpose. In all cases, follow the Description Guidance that appears on your case submission form.

When you provide as much detail as possible, you increase the chances that your case can be resolved quickly.

You can also use the AWS Support API with service code service-ams-operations-report-incident to report an incident.