Service request management - AMS Advanced User Guide

Service request management

Service requests are communications to AMS created by you to ask for information or advice. A good example of a standard service request is to request guidance or help to configure an AMS service, like alarm manager, patch, and so forth. Look on the Service requests page of the AMS console for a list of your service requests and outbound service requests (service notifications) sent to you by AMS.

To learn more about outbound service requests, see Responding to an AMS-generated service request (notification).

You create an AWS Managed Services (AMS) service request by using the AMS console or programmatically by using the AWS Support API; for details, see AWS Support API. For AMS you use the service code sentinel-service-request.

After your service request is received by the AMS operations team and prioritized according to your service level agreement. To be kept informed at each step of the service request resolution process, be sure to fill in the CC Emails option, and, if you will connect by federation, log in before following the link in the email AMS sends.

What are service requests?

Service request management is the process AMS uses to record, act on, communicate progress of, and provide notification of, active service requests.

The goal of the service request management process is to ensure that your managed service is delivering what you need.

Examples of service requests include (but are not restricted to) request for a new change type, or a change in patch or log configuration.