Finding and subscribing to container products - AWS Marketplace

Finding and subscribing to container products

You can find container products by browsing the AWS Marketplace website. Container products are examples of server software products with a Container delivery method, so you can search for them by using the Search page and then filtering the delivery method by Container.

Using the Amazon ECS console

You can also find container products in the Amazon ECS console. The navigation pane has links to discover new products from AWS Marketplace and to see existing subscriptions.

Browsing product details

Once you have found a product you are interested in, choose the title to browse to the product detail page. Here you can find information on the software including product description, supported Amazon services (for example, Amazon ECS or Amazon EKS), pricing details, usage information, support information, and available fulfillment options. Products may be free, BYOL, or PAYG, with either a fixed monthly price or an hourly price that is charged per Amazon ECS task. Each product will have at least one fulfillment option, which is a set of one or more container images that are required to run the software. You can also read and write reviews for the product from this page. Choose Continue to Subscribe to proceed.

Subscribing to products

If you want to use a product, you will need to subscribe to it first. On the subscription page you can view pricing information for paid products, and access the end-user license agreement (EULA) for the software.

Choose Accept Terms to proceed. This will create a subscription to the product, which provides an entitlement to use the software. It will take a minute or two for the subscription to complete. Once you receive an entitlement to a paid product, if you start using the software you will be charged. If you cancel your subscription without terminating all running instances of the software, you will continue to be charged for any software usage. You may also incur infrastructure charges related to using the product. For example, if you create a new Amazon EKS cluster to host the software product, you will be charged for that service.