Product data feed - AWS Marketplace

Product data feed

This data feed provides information about all products you've created as the seller of record and all products you're authorized to resell.

Product data is mutable. This means that when you change the value for one of the following fields, a new record is created in the data feed with a different value for valid_from field. For more information about the data feed history columns, see Historization of the data.

The product data feed is refreshed every 24 hours, so new data is available daily.

The following table explains the names and descriptions of the data feed's columns.

Column name Description
product_id The friendly identifier of the product.

Can used to join to the product_id fields of the Account, Billing_Event, and Offer_Product data feeds.

manufacturer_account_id The identifier of the product owner. This is a foreign key to the Account data feed.

Can used to join to the account_id field of the Account data feed.

product_code The existing entitlement product code used to meter the product. This value is also used to join data with a report, or to reference what is provided in AWS Marketplace Metering Service.
title The title of the product.

Example of product data feed

The following shows an example of the offer target data feed. For readability, the data history columns aren't shown. For information about data history fields, see Historization of the data.

product_id manufacturer_account_id product_code title
prod-o4grxfafcxxxx 555568000000 product_code_1 Product1
prod-t3grxfafcxxxy 444457000000 product_code_2 Product2
prod-x8faxxfafcxxy 666678000000 product_code_3 Product3