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Data products

AWS Data Exchange is a service that makes it easy for AWS customers to securely exchange file-based data sets in the AWS Cloud. As a provider, AWS Data Exchange eliminates the need to build and maintain any data delivery, entitlement, or billing technology. Providers in AWS Data Exchange have a secure, transparent, and reliable channel to reach AWS customers and grant existing customers their subscriptions more efficiently. The process for becoming an AWS Data Exchange provider requires a few steps to determine eligibility.

A data product has the following parts:

  • Product details – This information helps potential subscribers understand what the product is. This includes a name, descriptions (both short and long), a logo image, and support contact information. Product details are filled out by providers.

  • Product offers – In order to make a product available on AWS Data Exchange, providers must define a public offer. This includes the prices and durations, data subscription agreement, refund policy, and the option to create custom offers.

  • Data sets – A product can contain one or more data sets. A data set is a dynamic set of file-based data content. Data sets are dynamic and are versioned using revisions. Each revision can contain multiple assets.

For more information, including eligibility requirements, see Providing data products on AWS Data Exchange in the AWS Data Exchange User Guide.