Listing fees - AWS Marketplace

Listing fees

AWS Marketplace offers the following listing fees for products.


These listing fees are effective as of January 5, 2024 at midnight UTC.

Public offer listing fees

Listing fees for software and data public offers are determined by the deployment method:

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) – 3%

  • Server (Amazon Machine Image (AMI), container, and machine learning) – 20%

  • AWS Data Exchange – 3%

Private offer listing fees

Listing fees for private offers are determined by the total contract value and whether the private offer is renewed from a previous private offer or a previous agreement outside of AWS Marketplace:

  • Less than $1M – 3%

  • Between $1M and less than $10M – 2%

  • Equal to or greater than $10M – 1.5%

  • All renewals – 1.5%

Channel partner private offer (CPPO) listing fees

CPPO products have a .5% uplift on the listing fee, regardless of the offer type or deployment method. For example, if the product is a SaaS private offer with a total contract value of less than $1M, the listing fee would be 3.5%.

Professional services listing fees

All professional service offerings have a 2.5% listing fee for private offers.