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Professional services products

As a seller, you can offer professional services to AWS Marketplace buyers. Professional services include services to assess, migrate, support, manage, and train others in how to use AWS services and products in AWS Marketplace. Sellers create a product offering that describes the services they provide, negotiate with customers to create an agreement on terms, and then create a custom offer for services through AWS Marketplace.

Buyers can find professional services products on the AWS Marketplace catalog by selecting Professional Services under Categories, choosing Professional Services under Delivery methods, and refine their search by Publisher, Pricing model, and Pricing unit. They're charged for the services in their AWS bill. They can use tools such as AWS Cost Explorer to centralize payments and manage their costs.

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The following video explains more about managing professional services products in AWS Marketplace.

Getting help

For assistance with your professional services products, contact your business development partner for AWS Marketplace or contact us.