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Standardized contracts in AWS Marketplace

As you prepare your product, you need to determine which end user license agreement (EULA) will govern the use of your product. You can either apply your own EULA or use the standardized contract that AWS Marketplace offers to help streamline procurement workflows and speed transactions.

AWS Marketplace developed the Standard Contract for AWS Marketplace (SCMP) in collaboration with the buyer and seller communities to govern usage and define the obligations of buyers and sellers for digital solutions. Examples of digital solutions include server software, software as a service (SaaS), and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) algorithms.

You can also use the following optional addendums with the SCMP for self-service or private offers:


The EULA is between you and the buyer. Using the SCMP as your EULA is at your discretion. By applying the SCMP to your product listing, you are opting in to the SCMP program. Under this program, AWS may update the SCMP template periodically and may update product listings carrying the terms with the current version. You may withdraw from the SCMP program at any time by replacing the SCMP template with your own EULA.

Standard Contract for AWS Marketplace

SCMP is a standardized contract template that governs usage and defines the obligations of buyers and sellers for digital solutions (for example, server software, SaaS, and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) algorithms). The SCMP proactively defines common ground across key contractual clauses like use, warranty, indemnification, and governing law. Sellers can offer SCMP terms as the EULA for self-service transactions, where buyers can search for, buy, and quickly deploy solutions. For private offers, buyers can request the SCMP template from the seller, and the terms can be amended to address custom transaction requirements as agreed upon by the parties.

Getting started with the SCMP

This section describes how to review terms and offer the SCMP to buyers.

To use the SCMP for new and existing AWS Marketplace listings

  1. Review the terms of the Standard Contract for AWS Marketplace.

  2. Sign in to the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

  3. As you create a product or edit an existing listing, choose Use Standard Contract for AWS Marketplace as the EULA.

For information about creating products, see Submitting your product for publication.

To request assistance in updating a EULA to the SCMP

  1. From the lower-left corner of the AWS Marketplace Management Portal, choose Contact us.

  2. Enter your email address, and then complete the rest of the form as follows:

    • For the subject of your question, choose Commercial Marketplace.

    • For the category, choose Product Listing.

    • For the subcategory, choose Standard Contract Request.

    • In the text box for providing request details, type Enable SCMP for AWS Marketplace product listings.