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Preparing Your Product

You prepare your product for publication on AWS Marketplace by configuring your package, setting a pricing scheme, determining what categories your product should show under, and adding keywords so your product appears in relevant searches.

Your product can be an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)-based product, or a software as a service (SaaS)-based product.

  • AMI-based products can be offered as single AMIs, AMI-based products delivered to customers using AWS CloudFormation templates, and multiple AMIs delivered using one or multiple AWS CloudFormation templates. You can offer AMI-based products with monthly, one year, and three year contracts.

  • SaaS-based products are sold and billed through AWS Marketplace, but customers access your product through your environment. SaaS products can be offered with subscription-based or contract-based pricing models. With subscription-based offerings, you send metering data to AWS Marketplace and AWS adds the charges to the AWS Marketplace customer's AWS bill. With contract-based products, AWS Marketplace customers agree to a contract and pay for contract up front.

Each has several options for packaging, pricing and delivery. Some product types are not available to you as a seller on AWS Marketplace until you register for the program supporting that product type.

  • You can create products with a standard list price and end user license agreement (EULA), and can create private offers for individual customers with custom pricing and EULAs. If you need additional changes to the terms of the contract, you can work with the AWS Marketplace team to create a custom private offer.

  • You can also sign up for AWS Marketplace Private Images, which is available through a public beta that AWS Marketplace is hosting. Using this packaging option you can offer your products to AWS Marketplace customers in a way that allows them to install your product on a base gold image that meets their internal standards for operating system configuration. With AWS Marketplace Private Images, you provide AWS Marketplace an installable version of your software. AWS Marketplace customers use AWS Marketplace to purchase and install your software on their base image. The resulting AMI is added to their account as an AMI available through their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud console.

AWS Marketplace Private Offers

AWS Marketplace Private Offers is a purchasing program that allows an AWS Marketplace buyer and an AWS Marketplace seller to negotiate a custom price and End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) terms when purchasing products available on AWS Marketplace. Enterprise Contract Private Offers will use the Enterprise Contract EULA. To register for Private Offers, sellers first must enroll in the AWS Enhanced Data Sharing program.

Interested in registering or learning more about Private Offers? Work with your AWS Marketplace Business Development point of contact, or contact the AWS Marketplace Customer Desk ( to register for the Private Offers program.

AWS Marketplace Custom Private Offers

AWS Marketplace Custom Private Offers If you are unable to create a private offer to your required , the AWS Marketplace Customer Desk can help. AWS Marketplace Custom Private Offers are offers that are manually published by the AWS Marketplace Business Development (BD) Operations team. This process must be used to create private offers for BYOL products, non-standard invoicing and other situations. The steps to process each Custom Private Offer type are different.

Once you have initiated contact, the team will contact you if they need information specific to your private offer request. To initiate a custom private offer, email the AWS Marketplace Customer Desk team, or work with your Customer Advisor or Business Development contact to request a custom private offer. The team will email you instructions, including forms that you and/or the buyer must complete and return. After you have returned the completed forms, the team will complete the publication of your private offer.

The process takes from 5-7 business days from first contact with AWS Marketplace. When your private offer is published on AWS Marketplace, the AWS Marketplace Customer Desk team will email you a link to the private offer and the offer will be visible to the buyer in their AWS Marketplace Management portal.

The following product types are currently not supported for Private Offers: 2P, SaaS Redirect, and CARMA. Contact the AWS Marketplace Customer Desk ( for additional information.