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AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights is a feature that simplifies software risk assessments performed by organizations to safeguard procuring software they trust and meets their standards. With AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights, buyers can monitor the security profile of a product in near real-time from a single console. AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights can ease the procurement process for buyers and potentially increase sales for sellers. It reduces a buyer's assessment effort by providing a dashboard of the software product’s security and compliance information.

All security and compliance information in the AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights dashboard is based on evidence gathered from the following sources:

  • Seller's self-attestation, including the AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights security self-assessment and Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ)

  • Industry standard audit reports (for example, International Organization for Standardization ISO 27001)

  • AWS Audit Manager, which automates evidence collection from the seller's production environment

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights gathers compliance artifacts and security control information about the product and presents it in a dashboard. The dashboard takes data from the seller's self-assessment, evidence from audit reports, and live evidence from AWS accounts. This data feeds into the security controls and then to the dashboard for buyers to review. Live evidence is the method of consistently updating data from multiple sources to present the most current information. AWS Config is enabled in the seller's environment. Data about configurations, backups enabled, and other information is updated automatically. For example, assume that the Access Control for a product is Compliant and an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket becomes public. The dashboard would display that the control's status changed from Compliant to Undetermined.

You must set up the baseline resources and infrastructure in your AWS accounts before using AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights. After setup is completed, AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights can gather information and generate security profiles for your software as a service (SaaS) products in AWS Marketplace.