AWS Elemental MediaConvert API Reference
API Reference

Getting Started with AWS Elemental MediaConvert Using the SDKs

To use one of the AWS SDKs to access AWS Elemental MediaConvert, start by setting up your client configuration. As with most AWS services, you need to set up your client with your access key and secret key. For AWS Elemental MediaConvert specifically, you also need to request an endpoint that is specific to your account and set up your configuration so that your requests go to that account endpoint.

To get started with AWS Elemental MediaConvert using one of the AWS SDKs, configure the following:

  • Your IAM access key and secret key.

  • Your AWS region. The region you choose is usually the one where you store your input and output files. If your input or output Amazon S3 buckets are in regions other than the one you specify here, you will be billed for data-transfer charges.


    The region in your client configuration must match the region embedded in your account endpoint; otherwise, your requests will fail.

  • Your account endpoint. All of your transcoding requests must be sent to your account endpoint, not to a public AWS Elemental MediaConvert endpoint.

    Each SDK contains a method called DescribeEndpoints that allows you to request this endpoint. Send your DescribeEndpoints request to the public endpoint for AWS Elemental MediaConvert that corresponds to the region in your client configuration. For a full list of AWS Elemental MediaConvert public endpoints, see AWS Elemental MediaConvert Regions and Endpoints. For more information about getting your account endpoint, see Getting Started with the API.


    Only make the DescribeEndpoints call once in your application. Don't use DescribeEndpoints to create your AWS Client each time you make a request to AWS Elemental MediaConvert. Otherwise, you will hit the throttle maximum on the public API endpoint.

For links to client configuration information in each of the SDK documents, choose the appropriate topic from the following list.