AWS Elemental MediaConvert API Reference
API Reference

Important Notes

Versioned Endpoints

When you send requests programatically, you must specify the API version you send the requests to. The current API version is 2017-08-29.

Therefore, you must construct your endpoint like this:


For example:

Using the AWS CLI

When you send requests using the AWS CLI, use PascalCase for all properties. For example, if you used the properties settings and timecodeConfig in your API call, you must change those to Settings and TimecodeConfig for your CLI call. This is required because the CLI is built on Python, which uses PascalCase for properties.

About the Resources Section of This Guide

The Resources section of this guide provides two topics for each high level resource. The first topic describes the resource and the second provides information for working on a specific instance of the resource. For example, jobs has a topic, Jobs, and a topic, A Specific Job. Within each topic you'll find the available REST methods for the resource and the schema for your request body.

Note: The schemas provided in this guide are not working examples. For example job settings, see the AWS Elemental MediaConvert User Guide example job settings.