Next steps—novice users - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Next steps—novice users

If you are new to the world of video streaming and have fairly modest requirements, you might find that the workflow wizard implements all the features you need, and that the Workflow Details page gives you the monitoring details and runtime controls you require.

But if you want, you can use the regular MediaLive console to add more features to the channel. For example, you could add captions to the output (assuming that the source includes captions). See Editing and deleting a channel for information about modifying the channel.

If you created a workflow that involves MediaStore, MediaPackage, and CloudFront, you should read the user guides for those services, to better understand their roles, and for information on the features of those services that you could add.

You should also read the information on pricing for MediaLive, and for other AWS services, so that you understand the AWS charges that your workflow incurs. For information about MediaLive charges, see Pricing.