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AWS Elemental MediaPackage Events

AWS Elemental MediaPackage integrates with Amazon CloudWatch Events to notify you of certain events that affect your channels and endpoints. Each event is represented in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and contains the event name, the date and time when the event occurred, the channel or endpoint affected, and more. You can use CloudWatch Events to collect these events and set up rules that route them to one or more targets such as AWS Lambda functions, Amazon SNS topics, Amazon SQS queues, streams in Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, or built-in targets.

For more information about using CloudWatch Events with other kinds of events, see the Amazon CloudWatch Events User Guide.

The following topics describe the CloudWatch Events that AWS Elemental MediaPackage creates.

Input Notification Events

You get input notification events if one of these actions occurs:

  • For live content, a channel in AWS Elemental MediaPackage exceeds the limit for the number of input streams. For information about limits, see Limits in AWS Elemental MediaPackage.

  • For live content, AWS Elemental MediaPackage switches inputs for one of your endpoints.

    One event is sent in a five-minute period. If the input switches multiple times in five minutes (for example, if MediaPackage switches to one input, then back to the other), you receive only one event.

    For information about input redundancy and what causes inputs to switch, see Live Input Redundancy AWS Elemental MediaPackage Processing Flow.

  • For video on demand (VOD) content, an asset in AWS Elemental MediaPackage changes status. You get notifications for the following events:

    • IngestStart

    • IngestError

    • IngestComplete

Example Maximum Input Streams Exceeded Event

{ "id": "7bf73129-1428-4cd3-a780-95db273d1602", "detail-type": "MediaPackage Input Notification", "source": "aws.mediapackage", "account": "aws_account_id", "time": "2015-11-11T21:29:54Z", "region": "us-west-2", "resources":[ "arn:aws:mediapackage:us-west-2:aws_account_id:channels/262ff182d46d4b399fcabea1364df682" ], "detail":{ "event": "MaxIngestStreamsError", "message": "Parent Manifest [%s] has [23] streams, more than [20] allowed: (index_1.m3u8,index_2.m3u8,index_3.m3u8,index_4.m3u8,index_5.m3u8,index_6.m3u8,index_7.m3u8,index_8.m3u8,index_9.m3u8,index_10.m3u8,index_11.m3u8,index_12.m3u8,index_13.m3u8,index_14.m3u8,index_15.m3u8,index_16.m3u8,index_17.m3u8,index_18.m3u8,index_19.m3u8,index_20.m3u8,index_21.m3u8,index_22.m3u8,index_23.m3u8)" } }

Example Input Switch Event

{ "id": "8f9b8e72-0b31-e883-f19c-aec84742f3ce", "detail-type": "MediaPackage Input Notification", "source": "aws.mediapackage", "account": "aws_account_id", "time": "2018-07-16T17:29:36Z", "region": "us-east-1", "resources":[ "arn:aws:mediapackage:us-east-1:aws_account_id:origin_endpoints/82d6b9bc04cb4612b487963d6c8d0f1a" ], "detail":{ "event": "InputSwitchEvent", "message": "Origin endpoint experienced an Input Switch Event" } }

Example Ingest Status Event

{ "id": "8f9b8e72-0b31-e883-f19c-aec84742f3ce", "detail-type": "MediaPackage Input Notification", "source": "aws.mediapackage", "account": "aws_account_id", "time": "2019-05-03T17:29:36Z", "region": "us-west-2", "resources":[ "arn:aws:mediapackage-vod:us-west-2:aws_account_id:assets/asset_name" ], "detail":{ "event": "IngestComplete", "message": "message text" } }

Key Provider Notification Events

You get key provider notification events when you're using content encryption on an endpoint, AWS Elemental MediaPackage can't reach the key provider. For information about DRM and encryption, see

{ "id": "7bf73129-1428-4cd3-a780-98ds273d1602", "detail-type": "MediaPackage Key Provider Notification", "source": "aws.mediapackage", "account": "aws_account_id", "time": "2015-11-11T21:29:54Z", "region": "us-west-2", "resources":[ "arn:aws:mediapackage:us-west-2:aws_account_id:origin_endpoints/70b44e2e666c4bdc9e5f4488e1f1aa99" ], "detail":{ "event": "KeyProviderError", "message": "message-text" } }

Harvest Job Notification Events

You get harvest job status events when you export a clip from a live stream to create a live-to-VOD asset. MediaPackage creates notifications when the harvest job succeeds or fails. For information about harvest jobs and live-to-VOD assets, see Creating Live-to-VOD Assets with AWS Elemental MediaPackage.

Example Successful Harvest Job Event

{ "id": "8f9b8e72-0b31-e883-f19c-aec84742f3ce", "detail-type": "MediaPackage HarvestJob Notification", "source": "aws.mediapackage", "account": "aws_account_id", "time": "2019-07-16T17:29:36Z", "region": "us-east-1", "resources":[ "arn:aws:mediapackage:us-east-1:aws_account_id:harvest_jobs/harvest_job_id" ], "detail":{ "harvest_job": { "id": "harvest_job_id", "arn": "arn:aws:mediapackage-vod:us-east-1:aws_account_id:harvest_jobs/harvest_job_id", "status": "COMPLETED", "origin_endpoint_id": "endpoint_id", "start_time": "2019-06-26T20:30:00-08:00", "end_time": "2019-06-26T21:00:00-08:00", "s3_destination": { "bucket_name": "s3_bucket_name", "manifest_key": "path/and/manifest_name/index.m3u8", "role_arn": "arn:aws:iam::aws_account_id:role/S3Access_role", }, "created_at": "2019-06-26T21:03:12-08:00" } } }

Example Failed Harvest Job Event

{ "id": "8f9b8e72-0b31-e883-f19c-aec84742f3ce", "detail-type": "MediaPackage HarvestJob Notification", "source": "aws.mediapackage", "account": "aws_account_id", "time": "2019-07-16T17:29:36Z", "region": "us-east-1", "resources":[ "arn:aws:mediapackage:us-east-1:aws_account_id:harvest_jobs/harvest_job_id" ], "detail":{ "harvest_job": { "id": "harvest_job_id", "arn": "arn:aws:mediapackage-vod:us-east-1:aws_account_id:harvest_jobs/harvest_job_id", "status": "FAILED", "origin_endpoint_id": "endpoint_id", "start_time": "2019-06-26T20:30:00-08:00", "end_time": "2019-06-26T21:00:00-08:00", "s3_destination": { "bucket_name": "s3_bucket_name", "manifest_key": "path/and/manifest_name/index.m3u8", "role_arn": "arn:aws:iam::aws_account_id:role/S3Access_role", }, "created_at": "2019-06-26T21:03:12-08:00" }, "message": "Message text" } }