Working with source locations - AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Working with source locations

A source location represents the origin server where your source content is stored. A source location can be Amazon S3, a standard web server, a content delivery network (CDN) such as Amazon CloudFront, or a packaging origin such as AWS Elemental MediaPackage. MediaTailor retrieves your content manifests from the source location, and uses them to assemble your channel's linear stream.

This topic explains how to use the AWS Elemental MediaTailor console to create and delete source locations, and how to work with VOD sources.

Adding live sources to your source location

The following procedure explains how to use the MediaTailor console to add live sources to your source location and set up package configurations. For information about how to add live sources using the MediaTailor API, see CreateLiveSource in the AWS Elemental MediaTailor API Reference.


Before you add your live sources, make sure that within a package configuration, each source has the same number of child streams.

To add live sources to your source locations
  1. Open the MediaTailor console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Channel assembly > Source locations.

  3. In the Source locations pane, choose the source location that you created in the To create a source location procedure.

  4. On the Live sources tab, choose Add live source.

  5. Under live source details, enter a name for your live source:

    • Name: An identifier for your live source, such as my-example-video.

  6. Under Package configurations > source-group-name enter information about the package configuration:


    Within a package configuration, all of the VOD sources and live sources must have the same number of child streams. We recommend that you configure your source streams the same way.

    • Source group: Enter a source group name that describes this package configuration, such as HLS-4k. Make a note of this name; you'll reference it when you create your channel's output. For more information, see Using source groups with your channel's outputs.

    • Type: Select the packaged format for this configuration. MediaTailor supports HLS and DASH.

    • Relative path: The relative path from the source location's Base HTTP URL to the manifest. For example, /my/path/index.m3u8.


      MediaTailor automatically imports all of the closed captions and child streams contained within a parent manifest. You don't need to create separate package configurations for each of your sources renditions (DASH) or variant streams (HLS).

    For more information about package configurations, see Using package configurations.

  7. Choose Add live source.

    If you want to add more live sources, repeat steps 4-6 in the procedure.