Migration workflow - Application Migration Service

Migration workflow

The general process is:

  1. Install the AWS Replication Agent on the source server.


    If you are using the agentless replication for vCenter feature, then you will need to add your source servers by installing the AWS MGN vCenter Client. Learn more about agentless replication.

  2. Wait until the initial sync is finished.

  3. Launch test instances.

  4. Perform acceptance tests on the servers. After the test instance is tested successfully, finalize the test and delete the test instance.

  5. Wait for the cutover window.

  6. Confirm that there is no lag.

  7. Stop all operational services on the source server.

  8. Launch a cutover instance.

  9. Confirm that the cutover instance was launched successfully and then finalize the cutover.

  10. Archive the source server.