Option 2: Migrate Without Performing Discovery - AWS Migration Hub

Option 2: Migrate Without Performing Discovery

Following, you can find the workflow of starting your migration by directly using integrated AWS migration tools or integrated partners' migration tools without performing discovery with AWS discovery tools. Migration happens outside Migration Hub using these integrated migration tools


As you perform the migration, the servers you are migrating appear in the servers page in the discover section so that you can logically define and group all the servers that comprise the applications you are migrating. You can also group more servers into either an existing or a new application at a later time.


With a migration underway, you can track its progress status as well as details for each server grouped to the application. This status is communicated to Migration Hub from the migration tool at key points during the migration.

The steps you will be doing in this walkthrough follow the outline of the Migrate Without Performing Discovery.

The following topics guide you through the three major steps of a direct to migration workflow.