Amazon Neptune
User Guide (API Version 2017-11-29)

DB Cluster Management API Error Messages and Codes

These Amazon Neptune errors are associated with the APIs for creating and modifying Neptune resources with the AWS SDK and AWS CLI.

The following table contains the error code, message, and HTTP status.

Neptune Service Error Code HTTP status Message
AccessDeniedException 400

You do not have sufficient access to perform this action.

IncompleteSignature 400

The request signature does not conform to AWS standards.

InternalFailure 500

The request processing has failed because of an unknown error, exception, or failure.

InvalidAction 400

The action or operation requested is invalid. Verify that the action is typed correctly.

InvalidClientTokenId 403

The X.509 certificate or AWS access key ID provided does not exist in our records.

InvalidParameterCombination 400

Parameters that must not be used together were used together.

InvalidParameterValue 400

An invalid or out-of-range value was supplied for the input parameter.

InvalidQueryParameter 400

An invalid or out-of-range value was supplied for the input parameter.

MalformedQueryString 404

The query string contains a syntax error.

MissingAction 400

The request is missing an action or a required parameter.

MissingAuthenticationToken 403

The request must contain either a valid (registered) AWS access key ID or X.509 certificate.

MissingParameter 400

A required parameter for the specified action is not supplied.

OptInRequired 403

The AWS access key ID needs a subscription for the service.

RequestExpired 400

The request reached the service more than 15 minutes after the date stamp on the request or more than 15 minutes after the request expiration date (such as for presigned URLs), or the date stamp on the request is more than 15 minutes in the future.

ServiceUnavailable 503

The request has failed due to a temporary failure of the server.

ThrottlingException 400

The request was denied due to request throttling.

ValidationError 400

The input fails to satisfy the constraints specified by an AWS service.