Accessing the Neptune Graph with openCypher - Amazon Neptune

Accessing the Neptune Graph with openCypher


This lab-mode release of the Neptune openCypher graph engine is intended for evaluation purposes only. Do not use it in production.

openCypher is a declarative query language for property graphs that was originally developed by Neo4j, then open-sourced in 2015, and contributed to the openCypher project under an Apache 2 open-source license. Its syntax is documented in the Cypher Query Language Reference, Version 9.

Amazon Neptune released experimental support for openCypher in engine release, for you to try out. The initial release is not a complete implementation of openCypher, as is documented in Neptune openCypher restrictions, and the features, APIs and functionality that are implemented here may change before the production release. This initial release is intended for evaluation purposes only, and is not intended for use in production.


We do want to hear back from you about anything that isn't working in this release, and about what features and functionality you'd like to see prioritized in future releases.

Please email us your thoughts at .

Enabling openCypher support in Amazon Neptune

Support for openCypher is automatically enabled in Neptune starting with engine release

However, openCypher support depends on the Neptune DFE engine, which is currently only available in lab mode. The default DFEQueryEngine setting in the neptune_lab_mode DB cluster parameter is now DFEQueryEngine=viaQueryHint, which means that the engine is enabled but only used for queries that have the useDFE query hint present and set to true. If you disable the DFE engine by setting DFEQueryEngine=disabled, you will not be able to use openCypher.