Bulk Add Vertices and Edges in Batches - Amazon Neptune

Bulk Add Vertices and Edges in Batches

Every query to the Neptune DB runs in the scope of a single transaction, unless you use a session. This means that if you need to insert a lot of data using gremlin queries, batching them together in a batch size of 50-100 improves performance by reducing the number of transactions created for the load.

As an example, adding 5 vertices to the database would look like this:

// Create a GraphTraversalSource for the remote connection final GraphTraversalSource g = traversal().withRemote(DriverRemoteConnection.using(cluster)); // Add 5 vertices in a single query g.addV("Person").property(T.id, "P1") .addV("Person").property(T.id, "P2") .addV("Person").property(T.id, "P3") .addV("Person").property(T.id, "P4") .addV("Person").property(T.id, "P5").next();