Amazon Neptune Engine Version (2020-06-26) - Amazon Neptune

Amazon Neptune Engine Version (2020-06-26)

As of 2020-06-26, engine version is being generally deployed. Please note that it takes several days for a new release to become available in every region.

This version is an update of older engine version

Defects Fixed in This Engine Release

  • Fixed a bug where commits were out of order when inserted concurrently.

  • Fixed a bug in load-status serialization.

  • Fixed a stochastic failure in server startup which delayed instance creation.

  • Fixed a memory leak.

Query-Language Versions Supported in This Release

Before upgrading a DB cluster to version, make sure that your project is compatible with these query-language versions:

  • Gremlin version: 3.3.2

  • SPARQL version: 1.1