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Inject a Custom ID Into a Neptune Gremlin or SPARQL Query

By default, Neptune assigns a unique queryId value to every query. You can use this ID to get information about a running query (see Gremlin query status API or SPARQL query status API), or cancel it (see Gremlin query cancellation or SPARQL query cancellation).

Neptune also lets you specify your own queryId value for a Gremlin or SPARQL query, either in the HTTP header, or for a SPARQL query by using the queryId query hint. Assigning your own queryID makes it easy to keep track of a query so as to get status or cancel it.


This feature is available starting with Release (2019-10-15).

Injecting a Custom queryId Value Using the HTTP Header

For both Gremlin and SPARQL, the HTTP header can be used to inject your own queryId value into a query.

Gremlin Example

curl -XPOST https://your-neptune-endpoint:port \ -d "{\"gremlin\": \ \"g.V().limit(1).count()\" , \ \"queryId\":\"4d5c4fae-aa30-41cf-9e1f-91e6b7dd6f47\" }"

SPARQL Example

curl https://your-neptune-endpoint:port/sparql \ -d "query=SELECT * WHERE { ?s ?p ?o } " \ --data-urlencode \ "queryId=4d5c4fae-aa30-41cf-9e1f-91e6b7dd6f47"

Injecting a Custom queryId Value Using a SPARQL Query Hint

Here is an example of how you would use the SPARQL queryId query hint to inject a custom queryId value into a SPARQL query:

curl https://your-neptune-endpoint:port/sparql \ -d "PREFIX hint: <> \ SELECT * WHERE { hint:Query hint:queryId \"4d5c4fae-aa30-41cf-9e1f-91e6b7dd6f47\" \ {?s ?p ?o}}"

Using the queryId Value to Check Query Status

Gremlin Example

curl https://your-neptune-endpoint:port/gremlin/status \ -d "queryId=4d5c4fae-aa30-41cf-9e1f-91e6b7dd6f47"

SPARQL Example

curl https://your-neptune-endpoint:port/sparql/status \ -d "queryId=4d5c4fae-aa30-41cf-9e1f-91e6b7dd6f47"