Amazon Neptune
User Guide (API Version 2017-11-29)

Neptune Loader Cancel Job

Cancels a load job.

To cancel a job, you must send an HTTP DELETE request to the http://your-neptune-endpoint:8182/loader endpoint. The loadId can be appended to the /loader URL path, or included as a variable in the URL.

Cancel Job Request Syntax

DELETE http://your-neptune-endpoint:8182/loader?loadId=loadId
DELETE http://your-neptune-endpoint:8182/loader/loadId

Cancel Job Request Parameters


The ID of the load job.

Cancel Job Response Syntax

no response body

200 OK

Successfully deleted load job returns a 200 code.

Cancel Job Errors

When an error occurs, a JSON object is returned in the BODY of the response. The message object contains a description of the error.

Error 400

An invalid loadId returns a 400 bad request error. The message describes the error.

Error 500

A valid request that cannot be processed returns a 500 internal server error. The message describes the error.

Cancel Job Error Messages

The following are possible error messages from the cancel API with a description of the error.

The load with id = load_id does not exist or not active (HTTP 404)

The load was not found. Check the value of id parameter.

Load cancellation is not permitted on a read-replica instance. (HTTP 405)

Loading is a write operation. Retry load on the read/write cluster endpoint.

Cancel Job Examples

Example Request

The following is a request sent via HTTP DELETE using the curl command.

curl -X DELETE 'http://your-neptune-endpoint:8182/loader/0a237328-afd5-4574-a0bc-c29ce5f54802'