Getting started with Amazon Nimble Studio - Amazon Nimble Studio

Getting started with Amazon Nimble Studio

Welcome to the Amazon Nimble Studio getting started tutorials series!

Now that you have an AWS account set up, as an admin, you can begin deploying and configuring Nimble Studio. The following tutorials help you get started by showing you how to use StudioBuilder to customize your deployment, add studio users, and optionally update your studio’s launch profiles.

We recommend that you start with the Setting up to use Nimble Studio tutorial before you begin this series. If you encounter any issues, check out the Getting help and support documentation.


Even if you don't use use your studio or any of the infrastructure that is created by your studio, you will be charged for storage and other studio resources. If you aren't using your studio, we recommend deleting it so that you don't accrue unnecessary charges. For information about your AWS bill, see the AWS Cost Explorer Service and AWS Budgets.

If you’re an artist and your admin has already set up your Nimble Studio portal, see Artist tutorials for Amazon Nimble Studio.