Setting up to use Nimble Studio - Amazon Nimble Studio

Setting up to use Nimble Studio

This tutorial is for admin users. It walks you through the steps that you must complete before deploying a studio in Amazon Nimble Studio. Please review the following documentation before you start:

Log in to your AWS account as your admin user to complete the remaining setup.


Step 1: Check service quotas

Although certain parts of your studio are not subject to the service quotas for your AWS account, other parts are. For example, artist virtual machines that are launched through the Nimble Studio portal are not counted against your service quota, but virtual machines that you launch manually through the AWS Console are. Likewise, the instances that are launched as part of your render farm are subject to your account’s service quota as well.

Because of this, it is a good idea to check your service quota values ahead of time, and then request increases if necessary, so that you have sufficient capacity available before you start other tutorials in this series.

Check your On-Demand Instance (“G”) quota value

  1. Go to the Service Quotas console.

  2. Choose Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) from the list of dashboard cards.

                  setting up ec2 card
  3. Next, enter On-Demand G in the search field. (“G” is the limit name for your account.)

  4. Look at the value under Applied quota value. If this value is less than 4, you will need to request an increase.

                  setting up on demand g

Request a quota increase

  1. Select Running On-Demand G instances from the list and choose Request quota increase.

  2. In the window that appears, enter a new quota value in the field under Change quota value.

    1. You should enter a minimum value of 4, but we recommend entering at least 16 just to be safe.

    2. The minimum value of 4 will allow you to run one g4dn.xlarge instance at a time for AMI creation, because it has 4 vCPUs. If you want to run more than one instance at a time to create AMIS or a g4 instance with more vCPUs, you will need a higher quota value. A value of 16 would allow you to run 4 g4dn.xlarge instances at a time or one g4dn.4xlarge instance, which has 16 vCPUs.

  3. Choose Request to submit your request.

  4. You can check on the status of a quota request by choosing Quota request history in the navigation pane of the Service Quotas console. It can take anywhere from 12 to 48 hours for a request to be resolved.

                  setting up quota request

Check your spot instance quota

  1. Clear the service quota search field and enter spot.

  2. Choose All Standard (A, C, D, H, I, M, R, T, Z) Spot Instance Requests from the list.

  3. Your value should be at least 64. If it is less than that, follow the previous steps to request a quota increase.

    1. Note: Depending on how big you want to scale your farm for production, you might need to increase this quota later, but this amount will be enough to complete this tutorial series and for your team to begin rendering on your farm.