What is Amazon One Enterprise? - Amazon One Enterprise

What is Amazon One Enterprise?

Amazon One Enterprise is a new palm-based authentication service that provides employees with secure access to buildings and enterprise assets, without the use of badges, PINs, or passcodes.

Amazon One device

The Amazon One device is designed for Amazon One Enterprise, a secure, palm-based identity service for enterprise access control. Note the following device specifications:

  • User inputs — Palm Biometrics, QR Code matching

  • Host interface — Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), Ethernet, 2x USB Type-A, 1 USB Type-B

  • User feedback — 5.5” Touchscreen, Lightring, speaker, headphone

  • Physical Access Control Protocol — OSDP and Wiegand

  • Power supply — POE, 110/220 VAC input AC to DC adaptor provided, 30W @ 15V

  • Security — Tamper switches

  • Dimension (HxWxD mm) — 86 x 85 x 256

Amazon One Enterprise console

Amazon One Enterprise includes a console, which can be used in the following ways:

  • An IT or facility manager uses Amazon One Enterprise to create and manage a site. The site resembles a physical location for the tasks that the team performs while monitoring and managing Amazon One Enterprise devices and user profiles. The IT or facility manager tasks include:

    • Creating a site to contain all of the Amazon One device instances in a physical location

    • Adding an admin user to manage the site, and an installer user to access activation QR codes

  • An admin uses Amazon One Enterprise to create device instances and to manage Amazon One devices. Admin tasks include:

    • Creating a device instance under a site

    • Creating a configuration template to be applied to a device instance

    • Monitoring device health and updating device configurations

    • Canceling user enrollments

  • An installer uses Amazon One Enterprise to access activation QR codes to activate devices. Installer tasks include:

    • Accessing an activation QR code on the console

    • Selecting a QR code that corresponds to the device instance to be activated

    • Scanning the selected QR code with the Amazon One device installed

Purchasing Amazon One devices

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Amazon One Enterprise pricing

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