Closing a management account in your organization - AWS Organizations

Closing a management account in your organization

To close the management account in your organization, you must first either close or remove all member accounts in the organization. The act of closing the management account also deletes the instance of AWS Organizations and any policies that you created inside of that organization after the post-closure period has expired.

How to close a management account

Use the following procedure to close a management account.


Before you close your management account, we highly recommend that you review considerations and understand the impact for closing an account. For more information, see What you need to know before closing your account and What to expect after you close your account in the AWS Account Management Guide.

AWS Management Console
To close a management account from the Accounts page

You cannot close a management account directly from the AWS Organizations console.

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console as the root user for the management account that you want to close. You can't close an account while signed in as an IAM user or role.

  2. Verify that there are no active member accounts remaining in your organization. To do this, go to the AWS Organizations console, and make sure that all member accounts are showing Suspended next to their account names. If you have a member account that is still active, you will need to follow the guidance provided in Closing a member account in your organization before you can move to the next step.

  3. On the navigation bar in the upper-right corner, choose your account name or number, and then choose Account.

  4. On the Account page, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Close account section. Read and ensure that you understand the account closure process.

  5. Choose the Close account button to initiate the account closure process.

  6. Within a few minutes, you should receive an email confirmation that your account has been closed.


This task isn't supported in the AWS CLI or by an API operation from one of the AWS SDKs. You can perform this task only by using the AWS Management Console.