Getting started with AWS Panorama - AWS Panorama

Getting started with AWS Panorama

To get started with AWS Panorama, first learn about the service's concepts and the terminology used in this guide. Then you can use the AWS Panorama console to register your AWS Panorama Appliance and create an application. In about an hour, you can configure the device, update its software, and deploy a sample application. To complete the tutorials in this section, you use the AWS Panorama Appliance and a camera that streams video over a local network.


To purchase an AWS Panorama Appliance, visit the AWS Panorama console.

The AWS Panorama sample application demonstrates use of AWS Panorama features. It includes a model that has been trained with SageMaker and sample code that uses the AWS Panorama Application SDK to run inference and output video. The sample application include a AWS CloudFormation template and scripts that show how to automate development and deployment workflows from the command line.

The final two topics in this chapter detail requirements for models and cameras, and the hardware specifications of the AWS Panorama Appliance. If you haven't obtained an appliance and cameras yet, or plan on developing your own computer vision models, see these topics first for more information.