Verify card data - AWS Payment Cryptography

Verify card data

Verify Card Data is used to verify data that has been created using payment algorithms that rely on encryption principals such as DISCOVER_DYNAMIC_CARD_VERIFICATION_CODE.

The input values are typically provided as part of an inbound transaction to an issuer or supporting platform partner. To verify an ARQC cryptogram (used for EMV chips cards), please see Verify ARQC.

If the value is verified, then the api will return http/200. If the value is not verified, it will return http/400.

In this example, we will validate a CVV/CVV2 for a given PAN. The CVV2 is typically provided by the cardholder or user during transaction time for validation. In order to validate their input, the following values will be provided at runtime - Key to Use for validation (CVK), PAN, card expiration date and CVV2 entered. Card expiration format must match that used in initial value generation.

$ aws payment-cryptography-data verify-card-validation-data --key-identifier arn:aws:payment-cryptography:us-east-2:111122223333:key/tqv5yij6wtxx64pi --primary-account-number=171234567890123 --verification-attributes CardVerificationValue2={CardExpiryDate=0123} --validation-data 801
{ "KeyArn": "arn:aws:payment-cryptography:us-east-2:111122223333:key/tqv5yij6wtxx64pi", "KeyCheckValue": "CADDA1" }