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Create an Amazon S3 Bucket, Verify Its Region, and Optionally Remove It

Use the New-S3Bucket cmdlet to create a new Amazon S3 bucket. The following examples creates a bucket named website-example. The name of the bucket must be unique across all regions. The example creates the bucket in the us-west-1 region.

PS > New-S3Bucket -BucketName website-example -Region us-west-2 CreationDate BucketName ------------ ---------- 8/16/19 8:45:38 PM website-example

You can verify the region in which the bucket is located using the Get-S3BucketLocation cmdlet.

PS > Get-S3BucketLocation -BucketName website-example Value ----- us-west-2

When you're done with this tutorial, you can use the following line to remove this bucket. We suggest that you leave this bucket in place as we use it in subsequent examples.

PS > Remove-S3Bucket -BucketName website-example

Note that the bucket removal process can take some time to finish. If you try to re-create a same-named bucket immediately, the New-S3Bucket cmdlet can fail until the old one is completely gone.

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