Enhanced Monitoring - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Enhanced Monitoring

Enhanced Monitoring is a tool that captures metrics in real time for the operating system (OS) that your Amazon RDS DB instance runs on. These metrics provide up to one second granularity for CPU, memory, Amazon RDS and OS processes, file system, and disk I/O data, among others. You can access and analyze these metrics in the Amazon RDS console. As with Performance Insights, Enhanced Monitoring metrics are delivered from Amazon RDS to CloudWatch, where you can benefit from additional features such as the long-term preservation of metrics for analysis, creating metrics filters, displaying graphs on the CloudWatch dashboard, and setting up alarms. By default, Enhanced Monitoring is disabled when you create a new Amazon RDS DB instance. You can enable the feature when you create or modify a DB instance. Pricing is based on the amount of data transferred from Amazon RDS to CloudWatch Logs, and storage rates. Depending on the granularity and the number of DB instances where Enhanced Monitoring is enabled, some portion of monitoring data can be included within the CloudWatch Logs free tier. For complete pricing details, see Amazon CloudWatch Pricing . For more information about the tool, see the Amazon RDS documentation and the Enhanced Monitoring FAQ.