Logging and monitoring on Amazon EKS - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Logging and monitoring on Amazon EKS

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) integrates with CloudWatch Logs for the Kubernetes control plane. The control plane is provided as a managed service by Amazon EKS and you can turn on logging without installing a CloudWatch agent. The CloudWatch agent can also be deployed to capture Amazon EKS node and container logs. Fluent Bit and Fluentd are also supported for sending your container logs to CloudWatch Logs.

CloudWatch Container Insights provides a comprehensive metrics monitoring solution for Amazon EKS at the cluster, node, pod, task, and service level. Amazon EKS also supports multiple options for metrics capture with Prometheus. The Amazon EKS control plane provides a metrics endpoint that exposes metrics in a Prometheus format. You can deploy Prometheus into your Amazon EKS cluster to consume these metrics.

You can also set up the CloudWatch agent to scrape Prometheus metrics and create CloudWatch metrics, in addition to consume other Prometheus endpoints. Container Insights monitoring for Prometheus can also automatically discover and capture Prometheus metrics from supported, containerized workloads and systems.

You can install and configure the CloudWatch agent on your Amazon EKS nodes, in a similar way to the approach used for Amazon EC2 with Distributor and State Manager, to align your Amazon EKS nodes with your standard system logging and monitoring configurations.