AWS Prescriptive Guidance Patterns - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

AWS Prescriptive Guidance Patterns

August 2019

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Prescriptive Guidance patterns provide step-by-step instructions, architecture, tools, and code for implementing specific cloud migration, modernization, and deployment scenarios. These patterns, which are vetted by subject matter experts at AWS, are meant for builders and hands-on users who are planning to, or are in the process of, migrating to AWS. They also support users who are already on AWS and are looking for ways to optimize or modernize their cloud operations.

You can use these patterns to move your on-premises or cloud workloads of varying complexity to AWS and to accelerate your cloud adoption and optimization efforts, regardless of whether you're in the proof of concept (PoC), planning, or implementation phase of your project. For example:

  • In the planning phase, you can evaluate the different options available to migrate to AWS. You can choose the right pattern that fits your needs, depending on whether you want to relocate, rehost, replatform, rearchitect, or repurchase. You can also understand the different tools available for migration, and start planning to procure licenses or start initial conversations with vendors.

  • In the PoC and implementation phases, you can follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the pattern to migrate your workload to AWS. Each pattern includes details such as assumptions and prerequisites, target reference architectures, tools, lists of tasks, and AWS CloudFormation code for automating deployments.

  • If you're already using the AWS Cloud, you can find patterns that will help you optimize, scale, and secure your use of cloud resources.

For more information about how to plan your migration to the AWS Cloud, see Mobilize Your Organization to Accelerate Large-Scale Migrations.