Mobilize phase - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Mobilize phase

The next step in preparing your workforce and resources to migrate your enterprise at scale is to break down the mobilize activities into different workstreams. Although the goal of the mobilize phase is the migration of business applications, this phase also provides an opportunity to lay the foundation for tooling, process, and culture that will accelerate your migration at scale. Most of these workstreams can run in parallel after the assessment phase is complete. The following workstreams should be run during this phase:

These are discussed in detail in the following sections.


Migrate business applications from on premises to the AWS Cloud:

  • Define how to select and prioritize applications for migrations

  • Understand proven best practices to migrate applications to AWS

  • Validate your AWS landing zone, operations runbook, and security playbook by testing applications on AWS

  • Train internal staff on AWS services and Partner tools through hands-on experience

  • Learn industry-accepted migration tools and techniques for different application types

  • Get a head start by using existing epics (backlogs) from different migration patterns


  • Validate different components of the AWS landing zone through application deployment and testing

  • Validate the outlined operating model (an output of the operations workstream) by deploying, monitoring, and reporting on applications running on the AWS Cloud

  • Learn scalable agile process and migration patterns for migrating different applications

  • Learn how to design target architectures and how to use data migration, server migration, and vendor tools for automated migration

  • Train resources on AWS services, and provide hands-on migration experience

  • Validate your security playbook through a real-time audit of applications running on AWS

  • Learn, implement, and validate a migration delivery process, including number of resources, velocity (speed of migration), quality assurance, release management, and integration with managed service providers (MSPs)

AWS Partners and tools

When you have some foundational experience migrating a few applications and a plan in place that the organization supports, it’s time to accelerate the migration and achieve scale. Migration Delivery Partners, such as 2nd Watch and Accenture, can help you though every stage of migration. Migration Marketplace Partners such as RiverMeadow Software and Attunity can also help, and you can use tools and services such as AWS Application Migration Service and AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS). For a full list of all migration Partners and solutions, see the AWS Migration Competency Partners website.