Setting Up Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

Setting Up Amazon QuickSight

The following section explains how to get setup to use Amazon QuickSight. If you can already sign in to Amazon QuickSight, you should skip this section, and proceed to Signing In to Amazon QuickSight.

To get signed up for Amazon QuickSight, choose one of the following.

Setup a Free Standalone User Account in Amazon QuickSight

This section covers the fastest way to setup a free Amazon QuickSight account.

If you have only one user (author or admin), you can use Amazon QuickSight for free. If your team wants to try out Amazon QuickSight, you can sign up for a 60 day free trial for up to 4 additional users (author or admin). After the trial is over, you can reduce the number of users to 1 only, and then the Amazon QuickSight account remains free.

If you want to conduct a trial with a larger number than five users, you can still sign up this way. However, you are billed for users over five during the first sixty days, and users over 1 thereafter.


You can only create users in the reader role in Enterprise edition. They aren't part of the free trial.

If one of the following applies, visit the corresponding site for more information:

The following automated sign up guides you through the steps to open your account. To begin, choose Sign Up at the top right of the Amazon QuickSight website.

The process works like this:

  • First, you create a free AWS account. This step takes about ten minutes. It asks for your name, email, address, and phone number. You need to have a phone and a credit card to complete the process.

  • Next, you create a free Amazon QuickSight account. In this step, you can choose either Standard or Enterprise edition. You also set up an Amazon QuickSight account name.

  • After that, you open Amazon QuickSight and get some sample data to explore.

If you signed up for Amazon QuickSight using this method, you are ready to explore what you can do with Amazon QuickSight. See Getting Started with Data Analysis in Amazon QuickSight

Sign Up for AWS and a Free Amazon QuickSight Account as an Educator or Student

If you are an educator or a student, you can sign up using AWS Educate instead. You can use an AWS Educate Starter Account, if your institution doesn't have an AWS Account.