Logging stored procedures - Amazon Redshift

Logging stored procedures

Details about stored procedures are logged in the following system tables and views:

  • SVL_STORED_PROC_CALL – details are logged about the stored procedure call's start time and end time, and whether the call is ended before completion. For more information, see SVL_STORED_PROC_CALL.

  • SVL_STORED_PROC_MESSAGES – messages in stored procedures emitted by the RAISE query are logged with the corresponding logging level. For more information, see SVL_STORED_PROC_MESSAGES.

  • SVL_QLOG – the query ID of the procedure call is logged for each query called from a stored procedure. For more information, see SVL_QLOG.

  • STL_UTILITYTEXT – stored procedure calls are logged after they are completed. For more information, see STL_UTILITYTEXT.

  • PG_PROC_INFO – this system catalog view shows information about stored procedures. For more information, see PG_PROC_INFO.