Create a Worker UI - Amazon SageMaker

Create a Worker UI

You can create a task UI for your workers by creating a worker task template with detailed instructions on how to complete your task. Depending on your task type, this can be done directly in the Amazon SageMaker console or by using a custom template.

  • If you are creating a human review workflow for Amazon Textract or Amazon Rekognition tasks, follow the instructions in Create a Flow Definition (Console) to create your worker template using the default templates provided by Amazon A2I.

  • If you are adding a human review workflow to a custom task type, or want to create a custom worker UI using HTML and CSS elements:

    1. Create a custom worker template using the instructions found in Create Custom Worker Templates.

    2. Generate an Amazon Resource Name (ARN) to use this template in your flow definition. Generate a worker task template ARN using the instructions found in Create a Custom Worker Template (Console) or by using the CreateHumanTaskUi API operation.