Create and Manage Worker Task Templates - Amazon SageMaker

Create and Manage Worker Task Templates

You can create a task user interface for your workers by creating a worker task template. A worker task template is an HTML file that is used to display your input data and instructions to help workers complete your task.

For Amazon Rekognition or Amazon Textract task types, you can customize a pre-made worker task template using a graphical user interface (GUI) and avoid interacting with HTML code. For this option, use the instructions in Create a Human Review Workflow (Console) to create a human review workflow and customize your worker task template in the Amazon SageMaker console. Once you create a template using these instructions, it appears on the worker task templates page of the Augmented AI console.

If you are creating a human review workflow for a custom task type, you must create a custom worker task template using HTML code. For more information, see Create Custom Worker Task Templates.

If you create your template using HTML, you must use this template to generate an Amazon A2I human task UI Amazon Resource Name (ARN) in the Amazon A2I console. This ARN has the following format: arn:aws:sagemaker:<aws-region>:<aws-account-number>:human-task-ui/<template-name>. This ARN is associated with a worker task template resource that you can use in one or more human review workflows (flow definitions).

Generate a human task UI ARN using a worker task template by following the instructions found in Create a Worker Task Template or by using the CreateHumanTaskUi API operation.