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Amazon SageMaker Studio Tour

For a walkthrough that takes you on a tour of the main features of Amazon SageMaker Studio, see the xgboost_customer_churn_studio.ipynb sample notebook from the aws/amazon-sagemaker-examples repository. The code in the notebook trains multiple models and sets up the SageMaker Debugger and SageMaker Model Monitor. The walkthrough shows you how to view the trials, compare the resulting models, show the debugger results, and deploy the best model using the SageMaker Studio UI. You don't need to understand the code to follow this walkthrough.


To run the notebook for this tour, you need:

To clone the repository

  1. Sign in to SageMaker Studio. For users in IAM Identity Center, sign in using the URL from your invitation email. For IAM users, follow these steps.

    1. Sign in to the SageMaker console.

    2. Choose Control Panel in the left navigation pane.

    3. Choose Launch app in the row next to your user name.

    4. Choose Studio from the dropdown menu.

  2. On the top menu, choose File then New then Terminal.

  3. At the command prompt, run the following command to clone the aws/amazon-sagemaker-examples repository.

    git clone

To navigate to the sample notebook

  1. From the File Browser on the left menu, select amazon-sagemaker-examples.

  2. Navigate to the example notebook with the following path.



If you encounter an error when you run the sample notebook, and some time has passed from when you cloned the repository, review the notebook on the remote repository for updates.