Change an Instance Type - Amazon SageMaker

Change an Instance Type

When you open a new Studio notebook for the first time, you are assigned a default Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance type to run the notebook. When you open additional notebooks on the same instance type, the notebooks run on the same instance as the first notebook, even if the notebooks use different kernels.

You can change the instance type that your Studio notebook runs on from within the notebook.

The following information only applies to Studio notebooks. For information about how to change the instance type of a Amazon SageMaker notebook instance, see Update a Notebook Instance.


If you change the instance type, unsaved information and existing settings for the notebook are lost, and installed packages must be re-installed.

The previous instance type continues to run even if no kernel sessions or apps are active. You must explicitly stop the instance to stop accruing charges. To stop the instance, see Shut Down Resources.

The following screenshot shows the menu from a Studio notebook. The processor and memory of the instance type powering the notebook are displayed as 2 vCPU + 4 GiB.

To change the instance type

  1. Choose the instance type.

  2. In Select instance, choose one of the fast launch instance types that are listed. Or to see all instance types, switch off Fast launch only. The list can be sorted by any column.

  3. After choosing a type, choose Save and continue.

  4. Wait for the new instance to become enabled, and then the new instance type information is displayed.

For a list of the available instance types, see Available SageMaker Studio Instance Types.