View Experiment Entities Created by SageMaker Pipelines - Amazon SageMaker

View Experiment Entities Created by SageMaker Pipelines

When you create a pipeline and specify pipeline_experiment_config, SageMaker Pipelines creates the following SageMaker Experiments entities by default if they don't exist:

  • An experiment for the pipeline

  • A trial for every execution of the pipeline

  • A trial component for each SageMaker job created in a pipeline step

For information on how experiments are integrated with pipelines, see Amazon SageMaker Experiments Integration. For more information on SageMaker Experiments, see Manage Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker Experiments.

You can get to the list of trial components associated with a pipeline from either the pipeline executions list or the experiments list.

To view the trial components list from the pipeline executions list

  1. To view the pipeline executions list, follow the first four steps in View a Pipeline.

  2. On the top right of the screen, choose the Settings icon ( ) to open TABLE PROPERTIES.

  3. Select Experiment. If experiment integration wasn't disabled when the pipeline was created, the experiment name and trial name are displayed in the executions list.


    Experiments integration was introduced in v2.41.0 of the Amazon SageMaker Python SDK. Pipelines created with an earlier version of the SDK aren't integrated with experiments by default.

  4. Select one or more executions, open (right-click) the selection, then choose View trial components generated by execution.

To view the trial components list from the experiments list

  1. In the left sidebar of Studio, choose the SageMaker resources icon ( ).

  2. Select Experiments and trials from the dropdown list.

  3. Use search to filter the list to experiments created by a pipeline.

    1. Drag the right border of the SageMaker resources pane to the right until you can see the Experiment type column.

    2. In the search box, enter ex and choose Experiment type.

    3. In Filter by values, choose Pipeline, then choose Apply.

    To further narrow the search, you can add additional filters. For more information, see Search Experiments Using Amazon SageMaker Studio.

  4. Open (right-click) an experiment name and choose Open in trial component list.

List of trial components

The following shows the list of trial components created by the pipeline.