Amazon SageMaker
Developer Guide

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Use Algorithm and Model Package Resources

You can create algorithms and model packages as resources in your Amazon SageMaker account, and you can find and subscribe to algorithms and model packages on AWS Marketplace.

Use algorithms to:

  • Run training jobs. For information, see Use an Algorithm to Run a Training Job.

  • Run hyperparameter tuning jobs. For information, see Use an Algorithm to Run a Hyperparameter Tuning Job.

  • Create model packages. After you use an algorithm resource to run a training job or a hyperparameter tuning job, you can use the model artifacts that these jobs output along with the algorithm to create a model package. For information, see Create a Model Package Resource.


    If you subscribe to an algorithm on AWS Marketplace, you must create a model package before you can use it to get inferences by creating hosted endpoint or running a batch transform job.

Use model packages to: