Shut Down and Update SageMaker Studio and Studio Apps - Amazon SageMaker

Shut Down and Update SageMaker Studio and Studio Apps

The following topics show how to shut down and update SageMaker Studio and Studio Apps.

Amazon SageMaker does not update Amazon SageMaker Studio apps when it is in service.

Studio provides a notification icon ( ) in the upper-right corner of the Studio UI. This notification icon displays the number of unread notices. To read the notices, select the icon.

Studio provides two types of notifications:

To reset the notification icon, you must select the link in each notice. Read notifications may still display in the icon. This does not indicate that updates are still needed after you have updated Studio and Studio Apps.

To learn how to update Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler, see Shut down and Update Studio Apps.

To ensure that you have the most recent software updates, update Amazon SageMaker Studio and your Studio apps using the methods outlined in the following topics.