Use automated ML, no-code, or low-code - Amazon SageMaker

Use automated ML, no-code, or low-code

Amazon SageMaker offers the following features to automate key machine learning tasks and use no-code or low-code solutions.

  • Amazon SageMaker Autopilot is an automated machine learning (AutoML) feature-set that automates the end-to-end process of building, training, tuning, and deploying machine learning models. Amazon SageMaker Autopilot analyzes your data, selects algorithms suitable for your problem type, preprocesses the data to prepare it for training, handles automatic model training, and performs hyperparameter optimization to find the best performing model for your dataset.

  • SageMaker JumpStart provides pretrained, open-source models for a wide range of problem types to help you get started with machine learning. You can incrementally train and tune these models before deployment. JumpStart also provides solution templates that set up infrastructure for common use cases, and executable example notebooks for machine learning with SageMaker.