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Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic


As of November 30, 2023, the previous Amazon SageMaker Studio experience is now named Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic. The following section is specific to using the Studio Classic application. For information about using the updated Studio experience, see Amazon SageMaker Studio.

Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic is a web-based, integrated development environment (IDE) for machine learning that lets you build, train, debug, deploy, and monitor your machine learning models. Studio Classic provides all the tools you need to take your models from data preparation to experimentation to production while boosting your productivity. In a single unified visual interface, customers can perform the following tasks:

  • Write and execute code in Jupyter notebooks

  • Prepare data for machine learning

  • Build and train machine learning models

  • Deploy the models and monitor the performance of their predictions

  • Track and debug the machine learning experiments

For information on the onboarding steps to sign in to Studio Classic, see Amazon SageMaker domain overview.

For the AWS Regions supported by Studio Classic, see Supported Regions and Quotas.

Studio Classic Features

Studio Classic includes the following features: