Amazon EC2 Instances Examples - AWS SDK for .NET (version 3)

This content focuses on .NET Framework and ASP.NET 4.x. It covers Windows and Visual Studio.

Working with .NET Core or ASP.NET Core? Go to the content for version 3.5 or later of the AWS SDK for .NET. It covers cross-platform development in addition to Windows and Visual Studio.

Amazon EC2 Instances Examples

You can access the features of Amazon EC2 using the AWS SDK for .NET. For example, you can create, start, and terminate Amazon EC2 instances.

The sample code is written in C#, but you can use the AWS SDK for .NET with any compatible language. When you install the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio a set of C# project templates are installed. So the easiest way to start this project is to open Visual Studio, and then choose File, New Project, AWS Sample Projects, Compute and Networking, AWS EC2 Sample.


Before you begin, be sure that you have created an AWS account and set up your AWS credentials. For more information, see Getting Started with the AWS SDK for .NET.