Start a new project - AWS SDK for .NET (version 3)

This documentation is for version 3.0 of the AWS SDK for .NET, which is mostly centered around .NET Framework and ASP.NET 4.x, Windows, and Visual Studio.

The latest version of the documentation at is mostly centered around .NET Core and ASP.NET Core. In addition to Windows and Visual Studio, it gives equal consideration to cross-platform development.

Start a new project

There are several techniques you can use to start a new project to access AWS services. The following are some of those techniques:

  • If you're new to .NET development on AWS or at least new to the AWS SDK for .NET, you can see complete examples in Quick start. It gives you an introduction to the SDK.

  • You can start a basic project by using the .NET CLI. To see an example of this, open a command prompt or terminal, create a folder or directory and navigate to it, and then enter the following.

    dotnet new console --name [SOME-NAME]

    An empty project is created to which you can add code and NuGet packages. For more information, see the .NET Core guide.

  • If you develop with Visual Studio on Windows but without the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, use your typical techniques for creating a new project.

    To see an example, open Visual Studio and choose File, New, Project. Search for ".net core" and choose the C# version of the Console App (.NET Core) template. An empty project is created to which you can add code and NuGet packages.

After you create your project, perform additional appropriate tasks for setting up your project.

You can find some examples of how to work with AWS services in Code examples.