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Class: Aws::S3::BucketAcl

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Constructor Details

#initialize(bucket_name, options = {}) ⇒ Object #initialize(options = {}) ⇒ Object


  • #initialize(bucket_name, options = {}) ⇒ Object


    • bucket_name (String)

    Options Hash (options):

    • :client (Client)

      When `:client is not given, the options hash is used to construct a new Client object.

  • #initialize(options = {}) ⇒ Object

    Options Hash (options):

    • :bucket_name (required, String)
    • :client (Client)

      When `:client is not given, the options hash is used to construct a new Client object.

Instance Attribute Details

#bucket_nameString (readonly)


  • (String)

#grantsArray<Types::Grant> (readonly)

A list of grants.


#ownerTypes::Owner (readonly)


Instance Method Details



#put(options = {}) ⇒ Struct

Sets the permissions on a bucket using access control lists (ACL).


Request syntax example with placeholder values

  acl: "private", # accepts private, public-read, public-read-write, authenticated-read
  access_control_policy: {
    grants: [
        grantee: {
          display_name: "DisplayName",
          email_address: "EmailAddress",
          id: "ID",
          type: "CanonicalUser", # required, accepts CanonicalUser, AmazonCustomerByEmail, Group
          uri: "URI",
        permission: "FULL_CONTROL", # accepts FULL_CONTROL, WRITE, WRITE_ACP, READ, READ_ACP
    owner: {
      display_name: "DisplayName",
      id: "ID",
  content_md5: "ContentMD5",
  grant_full_control: "GrantFullControl",
  grant_read: "GrantRead",
  grant_read_acp: "GrantReadACP",
  grant_write: "GrantWrite",
  grant_write_acp: "GrantWriteACP",
  use_accelerate_endpoint: false,

Options Hash (options):

  • :acl (String)

    The canned ACL to apply to the bucket.

  • :access_control_policy (Types::AccessControlPolicy)

    Contains the elements that set the ACL permissions for an object per grantee.

  • :content_md5 (String)
  • :grant_full_control (String)

    Allows grantee the read, write, read ACP, and write ACP permissions on the bucket.

  • :grant_read (String)

    Allows grantee to list the objects in the bucket.

  • :grant_read_acp (String)

    Allows grantee to read the bucket ACL.

  • :grant_write (String)

    Allows grantee to create, overwrite, and delete any object in the bucket.

  • :grant_write_acp (String)

    Allows grantee to write the ACL for the applicable bucket.

  • :use_accelerate_endpoint (Boolean)

    When true, the "" endpoint will be used.


  • (Struct)

    Returns an empty response.

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