Replicate an AWS Secrets Manager secret to other AWS Regions - AWS Secrets Manager

Replicate an AWS Secrets Manager secret to other AWS Regions

You can replicate your secrets in multiple AWS Regions to support applications spread across those Regions to meet Regional access and low latency requirements. If you later need to, you can promote a replica secret to a standalone and then set it up for replication independently. Secrets Manager replicates the encrypted secret data and metadata such as tags and resource policies across the specified Regions.

The ARN for replicated secrets shows the Region the replica is in, for example:

  • Primary secret: arn:aws::secretsmanager:Region1:123456789012:secret:MySecret-a1b2c3

  • Replica secret: arn:aws::secretsmanager:Region2:123456789012:secret:MySecret-a1b2c3.

For pricing information for replica secrets, see AWS Secrets Manager Pricing.

When you store database credentials for a source database that is replicated to other Regions, the secret contains connection information for the source database. If you then replicate the secret, the replicas are copies of the source secret and contain the same connection information. You can add additional key/value pairs to the secret for regional connection information.

If you turn on rotation for your primary secret, Secrets Manager rotates the secret in the primary Region, and the new secret value propagates to all of the associated replica secrets. You don't have to manage rotation individually for all of the replica secrets.

You can replicate secrets across all of your enabled AWS Regions. However, if you use Secrets Manager in special AWS Regions such as AWS GovCloud (US) or China Regions, you can only configure secrets and the replicas within these specialized AWS Regions. You can't replicate a secret in your enabled AWS Regions to a specialized Region or replicate secrets from a specialized region to a commercial region.

Before you can replicate a secret to another Region, you must enable that Region. For more information, see Managing AWS Regions.

It is possible to use a secret across multiple Regions without replicating it by calling the Secrets Manager endpoint in the Region where the secret is stored. For a list of endpoints, see Secrets Manager endpoints . To use replication to improve your workload's resilience, see Disaster Recovery (DR) Architecture on AWS, Part I: Strategies for Recovery in the Cloud.

To replicate a secret to other Regions (console)

  1. Open the Secrets Manager console at

  2. On the Secrets page, choose your secret.

  3. On the Secret details page, do one of the following:

    • If your secret is not replicated, choose Replicate secret.

    • If your secret is replicated, in the Replicate secret section, choose Add Region.

  4. In the Add replica regions dialog box, do the following:

    1. For AWS Region, choose the Region you want to replicate the secret to.

    2. (Optional) For Encryption key, choose a KMS key to encrypt the secret with. The key must be in the replica Region, and you can choose the same key as the primary secret.

    3. (Optional) To add another Region, choose Add more regions.

    4. Choose Replicate.

    You return to the secret details page. In the Replicate secret section, the Replication status shows for each Region. The following are some reasons that replication can fail and how to resolve them:

    • Failed - Secret with the same name exists in the selected Region. One option to resolve is to overwrite the duplicate name secret in the replica Region. Choose the Actions menu and then choose Retry replication. In the Retry replication dialog box, choose Overwrite and then choose Retry replication.

    • Failed - No permissions available on the KMS key to complete the replication. One option to resolve is to update permissions policies for the KMS key so that you have kms:Decrypt permission.

    • Failed - Secret replication failed due to a network error. When the network is available, choose the Actions menu and then choose Retry replication.

    • Failed - You have not enabled the Region where the replication occurs. For more information about how to enable a Region, see Managing AWS Regions.


Example Replicate a secret to another region

The following replicate-secret-to-regions example replicates a secret to eu-west-3. The replica is encrypted with the AWS managed key aws/secretsmanager.

aws secretsmanager replicate-secret-to-regions \ --secret-id MyTestSecret \ --add-replica-regions Region=eu-west-3


To replicate a secret, use the ReplicateSecretToRegions command. For more information, see AWS SDKs.